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More than a Mum me time

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

More than a Mum

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We haven’t blogged here for a while.  If you weren’t already aware, we have moved to

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Returning to work

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I checked back here yesterday, just to see how many views we’d had and whether or not people were being redirected and I saw that someone had search and found us with the question: “Is my job required to be flexible with my work hours”.  I thought that they must have been disappointed as none of our posts would have answered that question and yet, it is a pretty important one and no doubt one that you, our Mums might like some answers to.  Hence, today I am blogging about, returning to work: your rights.

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Is it OK to smack children?

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You may have read MP David Lammy’s comments last week blaming ‘lack of parental discipline’ on last summer’s riots. The MP reckoned that parents’ reluctance to smack their youngsters was partly to blame for the disturbance and that laws on ‘smacking’ should be relaxed.

Mr Lammy has now faced a huge backlash particularly on his points linking parental discipline to the riots but, it has brought up an old but interesting debate with regards to physical discipline/punishment of children.  I was covering a live show on air earlier this week (I work at a radio station) and used the topic for the phone in. I was amazed at the mixed responses I receieved, equally passionate on both sides.

The power of Hope

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I’ve been reflecting on the word ‘hope’ and the power of it lately.  It’s easy to think that hope is a weak emotion – a desperate clutching onto something we desire but are not sure will happen – it’s simply a wish.  However, the definition states hope is; a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.  Still sound a bit flimsy?  Well maybe but, without that very simple notion nothing will happen in life.

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Bear Hunt

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Well, you may well know by now that I (Ruth) am an English teacher and am passionate about reading and especially getting children engaged in books and reading from a young age. You may also know that both Loretta and I have really rather active little mites who, although they both enjoy books, are often in need of activities that burn off a little more energy than reading, so I gave some thought to the matter and when we met up with the kids, we went on a bear hunt…

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