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Well, we are truly honoured to have been given 2 such a lovely awards and would like to thank our families, our agents… etc etc etc (cue Gwyneth style tears).

We are pleased to have been called Versatile – think it may mean that there are many uses for our blog: read it, fall asleep to it, print in and use it as toilet paper… and also to have been awarded the Tell Me About Yourself Award, which I assume means we are being far too secretive!  Anyway, these awards seem to come with rules, so we best get on and do as we are told!

Firstly, you have to thank the person who awarded you.  So for saying we are versatile, we’d like to thank @mumoldersingle and for awarding us with the prestigious Tell Me About Yourself award, we’d like to thank @KerryBotha1 and @The_Last_Slayer.

Secondly, you must reveal 7 secrets about yourself and finally you must bestow the award upon other bloggers worthy of the great and weighty glory that the awards carry with them. Read on and all will be revealed!

Now, the stumbling block for us is the fact that there are two of us writing here at More Than a Mum, so we have gone for 3 each plus one that is true of both of us!

So, let’s start with me, Ruth…

1)      I used to play golf for Wiltshire.  When I was a child I was introduced to golf as something a Daddy and daughter could enjoy together – I was swinging cut down golf clubs in the garden from a very early age.  As a teenager, I used to play for the county.  Sadly I have not had the time/money to keep it up in later years.  I keep promising myself I will play again one day…

2)      I am an only child.  Not what my parents planned, but I don’t feel I missed out.  In fact I have a hard time imagining what it would be like to have siblings. I don’t feel like I was adversely affected by being an only child, but I do think that my parents were, as they constantly taxied me about to friends to ensure I socialised.

3)      A few years ago OH and I took a year out from work and travelled India and worked in Tanzania. It was the most amazing year and I am now looking out the travel diaries to reminisce and trying to locate the emails we sent home.

OK now for Loretta…

4)      She is a twin.  When we first met, pregnant, at NCT classes, one of the other women at the group said “Loretta, I saw your twin sister the other day” Loretta said that was funny, but as they were identical, how did our friend realise it wasn’t Loretta.  The answer? Loretta, you are identical, but your sister isn’t 8 months pregnant!

5)      She has toured with TAKE THAT! Really! This is one of my favourite facts about Loretta.  She used to be in a band that supported Take That on tour.  I am a wee bit star-struck!

6)      She wants to get a novel published one day. Loretta did a creative writing degree and it is her dream to have a novel published one day. Watch this space!

And finally…

7)      As promised the 7th is a joint one… we were discussing things today and realised our final revealing secret goes for both of us.  Neither of us has bought new underwear for too many years!  More Than A Mum’s knicker drawers are in serious need of a re-vamp!

So now we must pass on these awards. This appears to be getting more difficult as many of those I was going to tag appear to have been awarded already, so here (I hope) are some new nominees! For The Versatile Blog Award to @stressymummy @leila_jo_mummy and @helloitsgemma and the Tell Me About Yourself Award to @ordinary_parent @motherscuffer and @claireejeffreys

I know it’s technically supposed to be 15 nominees for each, so sorry if we’ve let the side down!


4 thoughts on “Blogging Awards.

    Expat Mammy said:
    November 22, 2011 at 8:27 pm

    congrats on both awards

    Claire said:
    November 23, 2011 at 2:14 pm

    Thank you! My first bloggy award! 🙂

    Helloitsgemma said:
    November 23, 2011 at 10:17 pm

    Thank you. Thank you. Looking foward to the under wear up date post!

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