Is it OK to smack children?

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You may have read MP David Lammy’s comments last week blaming ‘lack of parental discipline’ on last summer’s riots. The MP reckoned that parents’ reluctance to smack their youngsters was partly to blame for the disturbance and that laws on ‘smacking’ should be relaxed.

Mr Lammy has now faced a huge backlash particularly on his points linking parental discipline to the riots but, it has brought up an old but interesting debate with regards to physical discipline/punishment of children.  I was covering a live show on air earlier this week (I work at a radio station) and used the topic for the phone in. I was amazed at the mixed responses I receieved, equally passionate on both sides.

One thought on “Is it OK to smack children?

    Sarah said:
    February 1, 2012 at 9:17 am

    Well people do get a bit carried away, likening the slightest slap across the leg to the worst form of child abuse which is totally counter-productive.

    Some people do not smack and their kids are fine, others find an occasional smack in response to a particular bit of naughty behaviour (like running out in front of a bus) gets the message across clearly and sharply.

    All kids are different, all parents are different, but one has to have faith in the way most parents feel is the right way to deal with their kids. Demonizing good parents who occasionally smack is basically declaring them to be bad parents and child abusers to boot and it’s obviously not the case.

    A little common sense goes a long way in this debate.

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